Fire Department

Fire Station with bay doors open


We are dedicated to providing quality public safety and risk reduction services to our community.


We will be a progressive, professional, and well-trained fire department, committed to excellence in the delivery of all our services.


  • Community-Driven - Always placing the needs and expectations of those we serve first.
  • Competency - Committed to dynamic training, academic education, and gaining experience.
  • Integrity - Expecting strong moral character and ethical principles of ourselves and each other.
  • Professionalism - Demonstrated through behavior, judgment, and skill.
  • Team - Focused on the success of all members, while at the same time valuing the contributions of each member.

About Us

The Southborough Fire Department is a combination department made up of a staff of 20 career firefighters and 6 on-call firefighters. The community is located 25 miles west of Boston and 15 miles east of Worcester with an area of approximately 13 square miles. The demographics consist of a predominately suburban residential setting and a population of approximately 10,000 with areas of commercial development consisting of mostly Business Offices and Light Manufacturing. There are three major highways that pass through the community and consist of Route 9 and the Massachusetts Turnpike that runs east/west and Interstate 495 that runs north/south.

The department operates out of one fully staffed station. The predominant response is with the career staff which consists of four rotating shifts, each with five firefighters, on a 24-hour shift schedule seven days a week. The department provides both fire and EMS service at the paramedic level. There is also a full-time Fire Prevention Officer who works four 10-hour day shifts and also supplements the on-duty staff. The call staff is utilized for fires, major emergencies, and other incidents when additional personnel is required for station coverage.