Applications, Rules & Regulations, Bylaws & Fees

Here you will find a brief description of each topic, associated rules and regulations, and the application form. Please contact us with any additional questions.

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  1. Preliminary Subdivision Plan
  1. Definitive Subdivision
  1. Modification / Amendment to a Definitive Subdivision
  1. Common Driveway
  1. Approval Not Required (ANR)
  1. Major Site Plan Review
  1. Minor Site Plan Review
  1. Modification to an Approved Major Site Plan
  1. Special Permit - Village Business District
  1. Special Permit - Lower Impact Development (LID)
  1. Special Permit - Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings
  1. Road Acceptance Policy
  1. Stone wall & Tree Removal
  1. Solar Installation
  1. Major Residential Development
  1. Sign & Accessory Apartment