Sharps Disposal

Disposal of Medications or Sharps (syringes)

DO NOT FLUSH UNUSED/UNWANTED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS DOWN THE TOILET OR SINK! Doing so is polluting our rivers, ponds, streams, and in some cases, our drinking water. Please follow one of the procedures listed below.

  1. Click here for Federal Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs
  2. "GREEN" disposal of prescription medications: Walgreens located at 78 Turnpike Road, Southborough is selling "Green Medication Disposal Bags" for $2.99. The bags come with directions on how to use them for disposal of unwanted prescrption medications.

SHARPS DISPOSAL: All sharps must be placed in a puncture proof container (mayonnaise type jar with cover) and can be disposed of at the "Sharps Kiosk" at the Southborough Transfer Station located off of Route 85 (147 Cordaville Road) at the top of the hill next to the compactor.