What to Know About Deck Building Requirements
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Over the last few decades, the popularity of decks have exploded.  Many homeowners today either want to install a brand new deck or repair their current deck.   As decks become bigger and more elaborate, the challenge has been ensuring the deck is safe for all.  The role of the Building Inspector is to do just that.  

Homeowners and contractors alike need to be aware of the code requirements designed to keep decks safe.  You see in the news every so often about a deck collapsing, causing injuries or worse.  Deck failures can be caused by any one or more different factors - incorrect or absent footings, inadequate attachment of the deck to the house, incorrect joist size, and the list goes on.  

This page is meant to educate homeowners and contractors on the different ways decks can be built unsafely or can become safe over time.  

6 Warning Signs of an Unsafe Deck
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