Pool Permit Requirements

What Homeowners and Contractors Need to Know When Installing a Swimming Pool
Pool Requirements

Installing an inground or above ground pool can be very exciting but only if done so safely. To make sure your pool is the safest it can be, both the homeowner and the contractor installing the pool need to be fully informed about the special requirements that every pool installation must adhere to.

Every pool installation project starts with the Building Permit (https://southboroughma.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1071).  Each Building Permit application must be accompanied by a plot plan showing where on the property. All pools need to meet setback requirements.  If it is not clear whether the required setbacks are met, then a certified plot plan may be required. Temporary and permanent fencing must also be shown on plan, temporary fencing must be installed prior to excavation.

Every year, thousands of American families suffer swimming pool tragedies.  The majority of which involve drownings and non-fatal drownings of small children between the ages of 1 and 3.  These tragedies are preventable.  Every Building Permit for a swimming pool must also include with it an affidavit from the homeowner (see attached). This affidavit must be signed by the homeowner prior to the approval and issuance of a pool permit. It ensures the Town of Southborough that the homeowner is aware of the importance of pool barrier requirements.

Once a pool is installed, it cannot be filled with water until or unless the proper barrier is in place. No exceptions. 

As with any project that you are thinking about doing in the Town of Southborough, it is always a good idea to speak with the Building Department for guidance and advice.