Shed Guidelines

What You Need to Know Before You Build That Shed

Building / Zoning Department

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Permits required- Building Permits are required for all sheds in the Town of Southborough; while the Building code exempts small sheds from permit requirements, local zoning regulations require setbacks that must be verified with a Building Permit and Plot Plan.

Setbacks- sheds must be installed in rear yards to utilize the side and rear setback of 10' in Residential Districts-Please call our office or look online for dimensions in other districts.

If you place your shed next to your home or in front- you must meet front and side and rear setbacks.

Certified "As-Built" Plot Plan required- Any proposal to construct a new building, structure, accessory structure (Shed, Fence, Swimming pool) or alter the footprint of existing structure will require you to provide the Town with an "As-Built" plot plan from a Registered Land surveyor prior to final inspection.

Footings required- Massachusetts is located in a severe weather category; footings are required to be a minimum of 12" wide and extend 4' below grade to achieve frost protection or have manufactuered engineered plans.

Small sheds with an eave height of 10' or less, may be installed without frost protection. However, bottom sills and joists must be protected against decay, and sheds must be positively anchored with approved fasteners to prevent uplift or overturning in high winds. It is highly recommended that you install footings on your shed.

Lighting- Any electrical work will require an electric permit and will need to be obtained and work performed by a licensed Electrician.

Please call or e-mail me should you have additional questions: [email protected].  508-485-0717

Laurie Livoli, CBO

Building Commissioner/ Zoning Enforcement Officer