Annual Town Report 2006

2006 was a grand year for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC). The value of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) to the town was driven home at the Special Town Meeting of January 21, 2006, where preservation of the Beals’ Chestnut Hill Farm by purchase of a Conservation Restriction was only made financially feasible by $3.5 million of CPA funds through a $500,000 one-time donation and a guarantee of $150,000 a year for the next twenty years to pay off the bond.

As reported in the 2005 Annual Report, seven requests for CPA funds were presented in November 2005. Two of these were withdrawn by the applicants and a third postponed on Town Meeting floor as plans for improvements to the Main Street-Cordaville Road junction had not been finalized. The April 10, 2006, annual Town Meeting accepted our recommendations and approved $10,274 for preservation of historic documents, $30,000 to help restore the Breakneck Hill Conservation land and $99,976 to help build an affordable house at 26 Gilmore Road. The safe and the display case for historic documents have been purchased and the house at 26 Gilmore Road is finished and sold.

Seven applications for 2007 funding were presented by our October 13, 2006 deadline. Two of these were subsequently withdrawn. At our December 7 meeting the CPC voted to recommend to the 2007 Annual Town Meeting that $155,000 of CPA funds be granted to the Affordable housing Trust Fund, $61,447 be granted for the repair and restoration of the Flagg School, $21,600 be granted for a three-year Oral History project, $25,000 be granted for improvements to the Veteran’s Memorial on the Common, and $22,312 be granted to preserve and microfilm town records. In addition, we recommended that $150,000 be granted as a payment towards the bond for the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction as voted at the January 2006 Special Town Meeting.

As of December 7, 2006, the CPA fund has $600,527.19 available. The CPC is pleased to announce that they have established a website at The CPC regrets the resignations of Bob Koziel as the Historical Commission representative and Tory Gunsolley from the Housing Authority. We welcome Tom McCarthy as representative from the Historical Commission, as well as Betsy Carroll, our Administrator/Secretary and Jon Furey as our accountant.