Annual Town Report 2007

2007 was a solid year of achievement of the Community Preservation Committee (CPC). As reported in the 2007 Annual Report, the CPC voted to recommend six projects to the Annual Town Meeting. The April 10, 2007 session of the Annual Town Meeting voted to accept our recommendations to appropriate $155,000 for the Southborough Affordable Housing Trust, $61,447 for restoration of the Flagg School/Historical Society Museum, $21,600 for a Southborough Community Oral History Project, $22,312 for Phase I of the Town Clerk’s project to preserve and microfilm historic town records, and $25,000 to renovate the All Wars Monument on the Common. In addition, the meeting accepted our recommendation to contribute $176,380.67 towards the Chestnut Hill Farm bond. The voters will remember that the town voted the previous year to contribute $150,000 a year for 20 years to pay off that bond. However, the town found that it could save considerable interest by purchasing an 11 year bond. The CPC worked with the town on an agreeable compromise that we would contribute 75% of the 1% surcharge. The result is higher annual payments, which is the reason for the increase over $150,000.

     As of the end of 2007 the All Wars Memorial work has been completed and substantial progress has been made on the restoration of the Flagg School/Historical Society Museum and the preservation of historic town records.

     Six applications for CPC funding were presented by our October 12, 2007 deadline. Since the total sums requested would draw the CPA available funds down to a very small amount, the CPC felt that it could not fully fund all of the worthy requests this year. So many towns have now signed up for the CPA funds that the State can no longer match each town’s contribution 100%. The State match is now at 60%, which means that there is appreciably less money for the CPC to allocate.

     At our January 10, 2008 meeting, the CPC voted to recommend to the 2008 Annual Town Meeting that $90,000 of CPA funds be granted to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, $27,015 be granted for Phase II of preserving and microfilming town records, $6,000 be granted to secure National Register Nomination of South Union School, $128,593 be granted towards Phase I of rehabilitating South Union School, $50,000 be granted for pre-construction costs towards creating Stony Brook Museum in the Nichols House, and $111,928.93 be granted for the creation of the Cordaville Triangle Park. In addition, we recommended that $177,534 be granted as a payment towards the bond for the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction. At this point (1/10/08) the CPA fund has $638,656.64 available.

     The CPC regrets the resignations of Tom McCarthy as the Historical Commission representative and Anne Marie Angus as the Recreation Commission representative. We welcome Joseph Hubley as the Historical Commission representative and Mark Murphy as the Recreation Commission representative.