Annual Town Report 2012

The April 2011 Annual Town Meeting voted to accept our recommendations to appropriate from the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds: $36,276.22 for the Southborough Affordable Housing Trust; $189,374.28 as payment towards the bond for the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restrictions; $4,000 to cfreate a Beach Volleyball court at Neary school; and $133,000 for a playground at South Union school (the Recreation Department).  A proposal to appropriate $21,000 to secure a National Register Historic District Nomination was withdrawn by the proponent for further study as to the boundaries.

     This year saw the volleyball court and the South Union school playground both finished and in use.  The first part of the Oral History Project -- by Donna McDaniel has also been completed and is now for sale.

     With the recession still continuing, this was a light year for projects.  Only two were presented to the CPC: 1) the Planning Board and the Open Space Preservation Committee requested $61,000 to research subdivision records and deeds to see if required Open Space has been adequately protected by the language of those records and deeds; and 2) Donna McDaniel requested $40,000 to update Fences of Stone (the Town History) on the developments in Town since 1970.  The CPC voted to recommend both projects to the April 2012 Annual Town Meeting.  In addition the CPC voted to recommend approximately $196,006.11 towards payment of the bond for the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction.

     Despite being elected to the Planning Board, our hard working chairman, Andrew Mills, wished to continue on the CPC.  So Paul Cimino resigned as the Planning Board representative on the CPC and Mr. Mills took his place.  Since Mr. Mills had been an At Large member, we would welcome an interested citizen who would like to apply to fill his vacancy.  The Committee meets about a dozen Thursday evenings scattered through the year.