Annual Town Report 2014

The April 2013 Town Meeting voted to accept our recommendations to appropriate from the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds:  $204,076.41 ($36,412.74 from the Open Space Reserve Fund, and $167,663.68 from the CPA General Unreserved/fund Balance), to be applied to the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction; $8,600 from the CPA Historic Preservation Fund to fund the restoration of the brick path way to the Southborough Library.  A warrant article to preserve the town records was supported with guidelines but was later withdrawn on town meeting floor.

     In October, the Southborough CPC hosted a presentation by Stuart Saginor, Executive Director of the Community Preservation Coalition, for area towns to review the 2012 updates to the CPA.  The CPC received several applications for CPA funding but  at the end of the review process only one was supported to recommend to the Annual Town Meeting.  The Southborough Firefighters and Police Officers Associations requested $33,934.65 to fund the restoration of the Southborough Fire and Police Memorial.  The work will be coordinated by Neal Aspesi of the Southborough Firefighters Union, along with Eagle Scout Freddie Pim, and Bret Ober.  The CPC voted at their February 25,2014 meeting to recommend this project to the April 2014 Annual Town Meeting for FY15.  In addition, the CPC voted to recommend $203,500 toward the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction.

     This year the CPC elected a new Chair, Ms. Sharon Shoemaker.  Mr. Mark Murphy stepped down as Chair and will continue on as Vice-Chair.  We thank Mr. Murphy for his continued dedicated service and we look forward to working with Mrs. Shoemaker.  We also welcome Mr. Jesse Stein as a member-at-large.