Annual Town Report 2015

2014 was a solid year for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC).  The April 2014 Town Meeting voted to accept our recommendations to appropriate from the Community Preservation Act (CPA) Funds:  $203,500 ($49,368.15 from the Open Space Reserve Fund, and $154,131.85 from the CPA General Unreserved/fund Balance), to be applied to the Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction; $33,943.65 from the CPA General Unreserved Fund Balance to fund the Southborough Fire and Police Department Memorial Project.

    This summer we solicited requests for CPA funding to be presented to the upcoming April Annual Town Meeting.  Three proposals were submitted.  At our September meeting we voted to approve a one-time sum of $3,000 for the update to the Main Street area properties documented in Southborough's Historic Property survey (2000) in order to have the area listed as an histroric district.  As of this writing, the committee is in discussions with other applicants.  In December we had our annual public forum which was extremely well attended.

     This year the CPC elected Mrs. Frederica Gillespie to Chair and Mr. Andrew Mills to Vice-Chair.  Mrs. Sharon Shoemaker stepped down as Chair and Mr. Mark Murphy stepped down as Vice-Chair.  Mr. Murphy will stay on as a representative for the recreation committee.  We thank Mrs. Shoemaker and Mr. Murphy for their dedicated service.  We would also like to thank Mr. Jesse Stein, who stepped down in November, for his hard work and dedicated service.  The committee welcomed new member-at-large Mr. Tim Martel.