Open Space Preservation Commission to Host Garden Tours June 25th

Garden Tour - June 25 - Pollination Preservation Garden

Saturday, JUNE 25  Southborough

Southborough Garden Tours Saturday June 25th starting at 10 AM

Rain date Sunday June 25 at noon

Join the Southborough Open Space Preservation Commission (OSPC) as we showcase two Pollinator Preservation Gardens in town. The OSPC has been working with Dr. Robert J. Gegear since 2015 when he chose Breakneck Hill Conservation Land as his first research site for the Beecology Project. Join OSPC Chair Freddie Gillespie as she guides you through the two gardens, which she designed utilizing her years of knowledge from collaboration with Dr Gegear.  Both gardens were installed by hard working local volunteers. Of interest to anyone interested in pretty flower gardens and/or in protecting biodiversity through pollination. If you attended the Southborough tour last year at the Beecology Research Garden, this is the next step in creating thoughtful designed Public Display Gardens.

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Southborough Library Pollination Preservation Garden and Lawn Alternative

Saturday June 25, 10am

25 Main Street, Southborough MA 01772

Parking in Library lot entrance on Marlboro Road (rte. 85)  

In partnership with the Southborough Library, in August of 2021 the OPSC planted a formal native garden showcasing how we can preserve biodiversity through pollination. The approximately 1,000 sq ft of gardens includes a unique stormwater feature and an adjacent lawn alternative planting. The garden has been planted with over 560 plants of 36 species from Dr. Gegear’s plant list for at-risk pollinators. This garden is Phase I of a larger plan and revitalizes an underutilized portion of the library grounds

Pollination Preservation Garden at the Beals Preserve

Saturday June 25, *about 11am(immediately following the Library Tour)

144 Main Street Southborough 01772

Parking on Main Street and across street at Northborough Road

*We will travel together after the Library Garden Tour, some may wish to carpool due to limited parking area

This new garden is located in the front meadow of the Southborough Open Land Foundation’s 58-acre Beals Preserve. The garden talk will showcase the planting methods for soil prep and garden installation in an old agriculture field. Initial planting for a portion of the 540 sq ft garden area will be done in early June with over 290 plants of 30 species from Dr. Robert Gegear’s list for at-risk pollinators.  Additional plants will be added over the summer and in the fall and next spring many grown from the OSPC Winter Sow Project. A bonus for those interested is to visit the Art on The Trails Installation at the Beals Preserve after the garden talk. Info will be posted on the OSPC webpage.