Opening on the Conservation Commission

Seeking SCC member


The town is looking for residents with interests in wetlands and rivers protection, open space, ecology, or stormwater management to fill an open seat on the Southborough Conservation Commission (SCC). As a Conservation Commissioner, you can look forward to many challenging and rewarding experiences.

The SCC is responsible for the administration of the MA Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), a state law governing activities in and immediately adjacent to local wetlands, waterways and floodplains, the Southborough Wetlands Bylaw, and the Stormwater and Erosion Control Bylaw. The SCC also oversees conservation lands in town.

The SCC holds regularly scheduled public meetings each month on Thursday evenings (every 21 days) to review applications, issue permits, and conduct other business related to the management of Southborough’s natural resource areas.

The SCC consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve three-year terms, is supported by a Conservation Agent, and employs the services of environmental and engineering consultants who provide peer reviews of projects.

Southborough residents with a love of nature and being outdoors are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested, please submit a Volunteer Form, resume, and letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen’s office at the Southborough Town House. Have questions? Please call Beth at the Conservation office at 508-281-8984.