Exceptional Schools

Southborough’s exceptional public schools educate over 1,300 students at the PreK-8 level and over 600 students at Algonquin Regional High School. Our schools are highly ranked in the state.

Students are enrolled in the following PreK-8 schools: Mary E. Finn School (PreK- 1); Albert S. Woodward School (grades 2-3); Margaret A. Neary School, (grades 4-5); and P. Brent Trottier Middle School (grades 6-8). With a high level of funding and a rich history of parent involvement, the schools attract outstanding principals, faculty, and staff. With our strong core academic curriculum, we offer engaging activities that promote student achievement and social responsibility. Drama, music, intramurals, after school, and extracurricular programs are available to students.

Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough serves students in Southborough and Northborough. The school has a rich tradition of excellence. It is noted for its high academic standards and comprehensive sports and music programs. It is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment that fosters creative and critical thinking. Deeply embedded into Algonquin’s tradition is the belief that respect, responsibility, and collaboration are essential to individual growth and academic achievement.

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s career and technical programs offer a rigorous academic schedule, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Technical programs utilize state of the art equipment and industry standards to prepare students to compete globally. Graduates receive a diploma plus a Certificate of Proficiency in their technical areas. They enjoy both college and career placement services, including cooperative placement programs that allow qualified students to begin careers in their senior year. Articulation agreements are in place with two and four-year colleges so that students may earn college credit through their academic and technical courses.

Fay SchoolSouthborough is proud to be home to two prestigious independent coeducational day and boarding schools. Founded by distinguished Southborough residents, St. Mark’s School and the Fay School are highly visible centerpieces of our community and represent an important legacy of education in our town.

Fay School, founded in 1866, is a coeducational day and boarding school for 450 students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine. The boarding program (grades seven through nine) serves 100 students from across the United States and seventeen foreign countries.

St. Mark’s School, founded in 1865 is a coeducational, boarding and day school, with grades nine through twelve with 65 faculty and 335 students. It is nestled upon 250 acres in the center of Southborough. Academics focus on a rigorous liberal arts program that stems from a classical tradition to prepare its students for the best colleges and universities.

The New England Center For ChildrenThe New England Center for Children is a school for autism treatment and education located in Southborough and considered one of the best in the country. This private, nonprofit autism education center is dedicated to transforming the lives of children with autism through education, research, and technology.