Golf Course Conservation Restriction Committee


  • The Committee shall consist of up to 5 members, consisting of one (1) member of the Recreation Commission, one (1) member of the Conservation Commission, one (1) member of the Open Space and Preservation Commission (OSPC)), one (1) member of the Golf Course Committee, and one (1) at-large representative of the community, preferably an abutter to the St. Mark’s Golf Course;
  • Ex-officio members [who shall not count towards a quorum] will include the Conservation Administrator, CR Special Counsel, and Town Counsel;
  • Members will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen at a duly posted public meeting following the advertisement for interest in serving on the committee;
  • Appointed committee members must be sworn in by the Town Clerk’s Office according to pertinent town by-laws.

Term and Organization

  • The term of office shall expire on July 17, 2018;
  • The Committee shall report to the Board of Selectmen as required;
  • The Committee shall elect its own Chair, and shall establish a regular meeting schedule.  All records of the Committee shall be filed with the Town Clerk and open to public inspection in accordance with applicable Open Meeting Law and Public Record statutes;
  • The Committee shall operate in accordance with the State Conflict of Interest Laws;
  • Members shall serve without financial compensation.


  • The Committee shall prepare the draft Conservation Restriction (CR), in consultation with Town Counsel and CR Special Counsel, for the property known as St. Mark’s Golf Course, and make recommendations for items to be included and/or excluded in the CR, consistent with the vote taken under Article 1 of the March 8, 2017 Special Town Meeting;
  • The Committee shall make recommendations on who should hold the CR;
  • The Committee shall hold at least one public hearing in order to receive comments from the public on the terms of the CR;
  • The Committee shall prepare and present its draft CR to the Board of Selectmen at a public meeting within the term of their appointment;
  • The Committee shall communicate with town departments, officials, and other resources as needed.