Historic House Signs

Southborough Historic House Sign Program

Southborough Historic House Sign Program

The Southborough Historical Commission has created a Historic House Sign Program, providing an opportunity to invest owners of historic or architecturally significant houses with pride, knowledge, and the ability to serve as conscious custodians of their home’s heritage.  We believe that Historic House signs enhance the appearance of older homes, while promoting community awareness of our local history. 

Information an how to obtain a historic house sign is set forth below:

About the Signs:
Signs will be 12x16 weatherproof MDO signboard, finished with three coats of sign painter’s oil based primer and enamel topcoat, white background all black, hand-painted letters. Longevity 20+ years.  See attached rendering.

$62.00 (includes sign, screws, and shipping costs).  

For uniformity, the Historic Commission recommends hanging your sign at 1) the far-right corner of the street-facing-side, 2) top of the first-story of your home.

What properties qualify?
To participate in the program and obtain a marker for a home or other structure, property owners (applicants) would be asked to insure that the structure meets two or more of the criteria outlined below:

• Age. The home or other structure was built prior to World War II.
• Historic Event. The structure or site is associated with a particular event that has contributed to our understanding of local, regional, or national history.  A marker meeting this criterion might read, for example, “Site of 1775 Revolutionary War Skirmish between Colonial and British Militias.”
• Person(s). The structure or site is associated with the life or lives of an individual, a family, or a group who has made a notable contribution to local, regional, or national history, culture, or arts, even if the names of those persons are no longer known. In the instance of unknown names of an individual or individuals, it is the contribution or connection to history that is being noted. 
• Period/Style. The structure embodies distinctive characteristics of clear, classifiable periods of architecture or styles of construction. This criterion applies to the work of noted architects or builders as well as to simpler vernacular styles.
• Cultural Landscape/Archeology.  The site of the structure named in the application has yielded, or is likely to yield, information important to the understanding of our local prehistory or history of record.  Such a marker might read, for example, “c. 1800, Site of the Oldest Known Tavern in the Town of Southborough.”

How do I apply?
Step 1: Hard copies of the application will be available at the Town House or can be requested via email (email [email protected] to request a form). Homeowners will fill out the application and submit a photo and inventory form (when applicable) from the Massachusetts Historical Commission database http://mhc-macris.net, or any other relevant information on the property.  Please keep sign information relevant to the historic significance of the property.

Step 2: Once completed, submit your a) application and b) check made out to Ould Colony Artisans for $62, to:

Southborough Town House
17 Common Street 
Southborough, MA 01772
Attn: House Sign Program, Southborough Historical Commission

Step 3: The Historical Commission will review your application at the monthly meeting as quickly as possible (30-60 days).  Once sign information is confirmed, the Historical Commission will submit your sign order to Ould Colony Artisans who will create your sign and mail it to you for hanging.

• The Historical Commission may contact you via Email or Phone to suggest any recommended changes to your sign.
• Participation in the Historic Sign Program does not limit your property in any way.

Please contact the Historical Commission at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

CLICK BELOW to download your order form:

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