Meeting Minute Bylaw Overview

ATTENTION:  Southborough’s bylaw requires the Town Clerk to retain meeting minutes for every board and committee, whether appointed or elected.  These minutes must be kept forever.

  • Minutes for each meeting must be sent to the Town Clerk at [email protected] within 45 days of the meeting.
  • If approved minutes are not available within 45 days of the meeting, draft minutes must be provided and they will be posted on the town website, but labeled as ‘draft.’
  • Since all meeting and minutes are posted on the website, the public will be able to see which boards and committees are complying with this bylaw.

The Open Meeting Law and the Secretary of State require that minutes include the following:

  • date, time and place of the meeting
  • the members present or absent
  • a summary of each topic discussed
  • the decisions made and the actions taken at the meeting
  • the record of all votes

Please review additional information per the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law

Southborough bylaw also requires that copies of all documents or exhibits discussed, created by or provided to boards and committees at the meeting be submitted with the minutes.  If copies of documents or other exhibits from the meeting cannot be provided (due to the physical size of the item, etc.), the specific filing location of the item must be identified.


The Town Clerk’s Office
[email protected]
(508) 485-0710 x3007