The Town of Southborough is /will be in the ALL-CLEAR as far as the EEE threat as of Sunday morning---November 10th.

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For the most current information please click on the links below for the most up to dates directly from the  Department of Public Health and Department of Agriculture

Effective immediately, to ensure the public’s heath, all Town owned outdoor properties REMAIN closed between the hours of 6:00pm and 6:00am.  These closures will remain in effect until the Town issues an official notification that the health risk has subsided.

For all non-public spaces, SEMA strongly recommends that residents take precautions when outdoors and limit outside activities during common times and environments with mosquito activity, especially at dusk, dawn and in swampy and wooded areas.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources announced aerial spraying for mosquitos will take place in portions of Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester counties, beginning Tuesday September 10, 2019 after dark and will continue over several evenings.  Spraying is weather dependent and will cover all of Southborough.   Link below provides updated information on when an area has been sprayed, as well as other FAQ's and pertinent fact sheets.     

*Personal protection measures are most effective*

See this graphic from the Department of Public Health for tips /sites/southboroughma/files/imce/eee_graphic.jpg

Specific preventive measures include:

  • Applying repellents that contain DEET on those for whom it is safe. Read product labels carefully for restrictions;
  • Whenever possible, avoid outdoor activities at dawn and dusk;
  • Rid your surroundings of any standing water (tires, pools, barrels, etc.);
  • Use mosquito nets on baby carriages;
  • Make sure that all your screens are in good repair and that all openings to the outside are equipped with screens or kept closed;
  • Wear long sleeves and pants (light colors are better than dark colors or black);
  • Do not allow standing water to remain in small pools and outdoor containers.
  • There are no health risks expected during or after spraying the pesticide Anvil 10 + 10

To learn more about the health effects, prevention, and updated confirmed risk areas and communities of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), please reference the below resources.  If you have additional questions, you may contact Leslie Chamberlin, R.N., Public Health Nurse at the Southborough Board of Health, 508-481-3013 between 9 a.m. and Noon, or [email protected].  

Technical Fact Sheets: Eastern Equine Encephalitis:

Massachusetts State Map of Mosquitoes Borne Virus Risk Levels:

  • More detailed information on mosquito positive sampling [by community] can be found here: [click on blue tab labeled "Mosquito Samples Positive"]

    Mosquito Spraying Information: