Main Street Project

Check back often for updates on the Main Street Project

The Main Street Project is a State project, not a local project.  Details of the schedule are determined by the State and the contractor, although the Town will have input and access to the information, we will not necessarily have day to day information. 

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The Project is scheduled to begin on April 1st, 2019 - Project completion is scheduled for November 15, 2020



  • The Main Street Project will begin this April (2019). 

  • Work in 2019 will generally consist of tree removal, water main replacement, drainage upgrades, third party utility work, stone wall work and some curbing and sidewalk work.

  • Water main replacement work is currently planned to begin on the west end of the project (Sears Road) and move east. 

  • Drainage work will likely proceed in the same direction, with the drainage work beginning after the water main work has progressed along the route. 

  • Water and drainage work will be happening simultaneously for several weeks throughout the 2019 construction season.  

  • Third party utility work, generally utility pole and wire work, will be performed throughout the construction season and will happen simultaneously with all other project work.

  • Stone wall relocation and construction will likely begin mid-spring.

  • Some curbing and sidewalk work is planned to begin late summer into the early fall.

  • New pavement should not be expected in 2019.