Main Street Plans & Documents

Main Street 100% Submittal Plans  Oct-2017

The most recent plans submitted to MassDOT for approval.                                                              After MassDOT review and approval a bid set will be developed for the project.

Main Street Lay Out Plans August 16, 2017

The final set of right-of-way plans to be filed at the Registry of Deeds.

Easement Summary

A breakdown of the type of easements and the property type

Main Street 75% Concept Plans for Oct.18, 2016 Special Town Meeting

Main Street 75% Submittal Plans Jan-2016

Main Street Renderings

Main Street Design Working Group's Website

Federal Aid Guide for Property Owners

Information for homeowners on the easement process for federally funded projects


Main Street's Infrastructure Problems

A pamphlet explaining the pavement and infrastructure issues on Main Street

The Main Street Project Costs

Information regarding the project costs and alternatives

Main Street Project FAQ's and Misperceptions

A pamphlet answering frequently asked questions 

The Main Street Project Easements

A pamphlet explaining the need for easements

Main Street Infrastructure Information 101

Main Street Informational Pamphlet