Main Street Working Group

The Main Street Working Group (MSWG) was created by the Board of Selectmen at their August 14, 2018 meeting. (This committee was originally created by the Board of Selectmen on April 14, 2014, and named the Main Street Design Working Group (MSDWG).)

The Main Street Working Group shall be made up of seven (7) members, all appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  Members shall be residents of the community who are willing to volunteer their time in assisting with the Main Street Reconstruction project, and providing input and comment thereon for further consideration by the Board of Selectmen, through construction. 

The charge of the Main Street Working Group is to provide assistance to the Public Works Superintendent, as needed, during construction of the Main Street project.  

The Chair of the Working Group shall schedule meetings with the DPW Superintendent and the Town’s engineering consultant as often as deemed appropriate, and shall report formally to the Board of Selectmen as appropriate and/or when requested.

The Main Street Working Group shall commence work under this charge immediately following award of the construction contract to the General Contractor, and shall continue its work through completion of construction.   Appointments will be for one-year terms.