As many of you know, the Moderator makes annual appointments to the Advisory Committee, the Personnel Board, and the Public Works Planning Board.  As FY19 comes to a close I have given careful thought to these appointments for FY20, considering both the incumbents as well as new candidates.  I take this responsibility seriously, and always appreciate the Town-minded spirit of those who volunteer to serve in these important roles (yes, volunteers don’t grow on trees, and those that do must be recognized and applauded!).  In addition to that volunteer spirit in a candidate, I equally value skills related to the task of the board/committee, the ability to work collaboratively with other members in a productive way, as well as a diversity of background and perspectives. 

For FY20, I have made the following appointments:

Advisory Committee

  • Kathy Cook (re-appointment)
  • Andrew Dennington
  • Timothy Martel
  • Andrew Pfaff

Personnel Board

  • Jay Dietz (re-appointment)
  • David Nixon (re-appointment)

Public Works Planning Board

  • William Boland
  • James Harding (re-appointment)

I also extend my sincere thanks to Mina O'Hearn, Brad Morse, Frank Mainville, Adrian Peters and Ravi Mynampaty (Advisory) and Russell Milholland (Personnel) for their many years of great service to our Town as they step away.  Finally, needless to say, I wish the very best to the above list of appointees for great success in their new roles.