Frequently Asked Questions - Other Sites Evaluated

The questions that appear below are ones that the Committee frequently receives.  This page will be updated on a regular basis as we near the Special Town Meeting on March 8, 2017.

Date Last Updated: February 17, 2017

Has the Committee looked at stand-alone Police Station and if so what would that project cost?

The Committee believes that a combined Public Safety Facility is the best option for the town to pursue.Therefore, a separate Police Station was not pursued or fully examined.The Committee believes that a combined facility is the best option for the Town primarily due to the fact that it will result in 10 % less square footage than having a separate police and fire facility, which saves at least $2 million in construction and soft costs.Longer term, there would only be one building to maintain, so as systems start to reach the end of their useful life, there will only be one system to replace instead of two.

Where else has the Committee looked at for property around town and why did we opt not to pursue?

The Committee reviewed multiple spots around town, including the existing Public Safety site. A presentation of the pros and cons of each site is located here: