Water Sampling Solicitation

You may receive a packet in the mail with a vial for testing your drinking water.  The company that is sending this, Aqualite Inc., is a company that sells filters for your faucets.  The paperwork with the vial says that the company is working with the Town’s Water Department.  The Town is not working with any companies to sample individual residences.  To see the MWRA’s press release about these vials follow this link: http://www.mwra.com/01news/2018/111518-doorhanger.html

The MWRA and the DPW Water Division sample the Town’s water at specific locations throughout the system. Sampling data can be obtained at http://www.mwra.com/watertesting/watertests.htm

The Town’s water is not filtered.  To read about your water and in home filters follow this link: http://www.mwra.com/04water/html/qual4concerns.htm