Southborough Town Meeting Review Committee - Dissolved

The Southborough Town Meeting Review Committee (TMRC) is established in 2016 to review the Town Meeting process, participation, workflow, and day/time held. This committee is comprised of 6 members, three appointed by the Town Moderator and three appointed by the Board of Selectman. The Ex Officio member will be the Town Administrator.

The charge of the TMRC will include, but not be limited to, exploring Best Practices in other New England communities.  The committee will explore voting procedures, warrant review, improved public education of Town Meeting voters using multiple modes of media and improving interest, efficiency and attendance.

The TMRC will be expected to present a report to the Town Moderator and BOS at a joint meeting by February 2017, before preparations for the 2017 Annual Town Meeting. The BOS and Moderator will work with the TMRC to craft potential warrant articles for consideration at the Annual Town Meeting.

The report should include recommendations to enhance and improve the delivery information to voters, reports and briefings by Boards, Committees and interested parties for warrant articles, identify best practices in other localities, including day and time of meeting and voting procedures (considering electronic voting methods) during Town Meeting.

Feedback and input from citizens will be vital to collect. It is suggested that members reach out to other Towns, current and past Town Moderators, Massachusetts Moderator’s Association, the Massachusetts Municipal Association, and other related groups.

The TMRC will be dissolved on/before June 30, 2017, following delivery of the TMRC report and any warrant articles stemming from the final report.