Adopt-a-Trail-Section Program - Sign up Today!

Step outside and enjoy nature with a purpose!

The Adopt-a-Trail-Section Program is an opportunity for you to get involved in trail stewardship. For families with children, this program not only offers your kids an opportunity to get involved with trail stewardship, but it can also teach them the importance of preserving our open spaces.   

Help the committee stay on top of poor trail conditions on the Sudbury Reservoir Trail. Let us know if you notice fallen trees/limbs, corridors that need widening, excessive trash, etc. We will take care of any reported issues with trail clean up days or other resources as warranted. The program was introduced on Heritage Day 2018. 

Let's work together to keep our trails accessible and saTrail Stewards in Town Forestfe! 

Stewardship Tasks: 

  • Walk your section of the trail every couple months
  • Send us a message with updates
  • Submit pictures to the Trails Facebook page

Refer to this Sudbury Reservoir Trail map for remaining sections. If you want to sign up, send a message with your trail section # to Kathryn McKee. We are excited to share that sections 1, 2 and 5 have already been assigned (upated 12/13/18)! 

    The Committee looks forward to your participation!