St. Mark’s Street Park Working Group

The Board of Selectmen would like to assemble a working group of citizens and interested parties to generate a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen regarding what should fill the circular space in the center of the park that will be constructed between the library and the re-constructed intersection of St. Mark’s Street and Route 85. The Board of Selectmen is particularly interested in placing a monument or marker in this space that would recognize and honor Native American history in Southborough. The Board of Selectmen also would like the working group to consider formulating a new name for this space.

The working group will consist of 7 at-large members who are Southborough residents. Members will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen at a duly posted public meeting following the advertisement for interest in serving on the working group. The working group shall elect its own Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.

The Board of Selectmen encourages the working group to invite a representative of the St. Mark’s School and a representative of the Department of Public Works to participate as non-voting members.

The working group shall operate in accordance with the state conflict of interest laws. Members shall serve without financial compensation. All records of the working group shall be filed with the Board of Selectmen, and all agendas, minutes, and records of appointments shall be filed with the Town Clerk. These documents shall be open to public inspection in accordance with applicable Open Meeting Law and public record statutes.

The working group should hold at least three (3) meetings in a public forum, either in person or by remote participation (i.e. Zoom, etc.), at which public comment is solicited and encouraged. The Town shall publicize the dates and times of working group meetings, and encourage public participation. The working group shall aim to deliver a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen by April 15, 2022.

Approved by Board of Selectmen: December 14, 2021