April 2, 2020 Public Notice

As concerns rise over the Coronavirus (COVID-19), town officials would like to take this opportunity to provide Southborough residents, town employees, businesses and the general public with an update on some of the measures that have been taken to date in regards to COVID-19.

Information about the coronavirus is evolving, and the situation remains dynamic.  The Town of Southborough continues to be in contact with state officials, emergency management teams and board of health representatives to discuss plans daily.  It is also important to keep you, the resident of Southborough, informed of the latest information and updates on the Town’s COVID-19 response.

To that end, the Town has revamped the COVID-19 update page on the Town website.  You can find it here: https://www.southboroughtown.com/town-administrator/covid-19-information-center .  This includes updated numbers on positive test notification, links to previous Town updates, and information from Town, State and Federal organizations related to the pandemic.  There is also an option on the website to sign up for email notifications when the COVID-19 page is updated with new information.  You can sign up for that and other notifications here:  https://www.southboroughtown.com/subscribe.

This information will be updated when new information becomes available.  Please sign up for email updates or check back frequently.

With the reported cases, and the guidance from the Governor that the pandemic will peak sometime in the next 10 days, the Town reminds residents to adhere to DPH and CDC guidelines with regards to hand washing and social distancing.  We need to do all we can to curb the spread of the virus.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide ongoing updates on the town website.