Town Property Review Committee

The primary charge of the Town Property Review Committee is as follows:

  • Review previous analysis and studies of Town-owned buildings as conducted by previous iterations of the Municipal Buildings Committee, including but not limited to the report done by the Cecil Group in 2004; 
  • Prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP) to update the Cecil Group Report. Scope should include all Town-owned properties, including those that do not have buildings and/or are tax title properties; 
  • Request funding authorization from the Board of Selectmen for the RFP (likely funding source would be the engineering/consultant article approved at the 2015 Annual Town Meeting); 
  • Review proposals and make recommendation for bid award to the Board of Selectmen; 
  • Work with the selected vendor to update the study, including recommendations for each Town-owned building, including operational and maintenance (O&M) needs, municipal use, and future disposition. Improvements to buildings should be included in the Town’s Capital Plan and/or debt schedule planning, as may be applicable; 
  • Provide periodic updates to the Board of Selectmen, and solicit public input as necessary; 
  • Provide Final Report to the Board of Selectmen.