Prevention Programs

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Project Friend & Project Friend Plus
This program brings community members of all ages together. Participants are matched according to age,  gender, personality and interests. Meetings are held where pairs build a relationship through various activities such as arts, crafts, games and discussion. Project Friend Plus has a community service focus, and pairs work on service projects that benefit local human services agencies and organizations.

Mental Health Awareness Month
The goal of Mental Health Awareness Month, which is held every May, is to raise awareness about mental illness and to reduce the stigma that surrounds it. During this month, we strive to educate the community about the importance of mental health and how it affects us all.

Press Pause
This initiative is an effort to remind members of the Southborough community to take some time to unplug from electronics and technology in order to connect with each other and the world around them. Throughout the year, watch for announcements about events and activities that emphasize this idea.

Substance Abuse Prevention
We are working towards developing community programs related to substance abuse issues, are able to offer educational materials, and act as a resource for community networking and referrals. Our department provides services that engage members of the community with one another, allowing individuals to model and promote healthy behaviors.

Southborough Youth Council
The Southborough Youth Council is an opportunity for Southborough youth to get together to discuss challenges, develop and plan events for youth in the community, make changes, and be a voice for fellow students.