Project Friend & Project Friend Plus

This program brings community members of all ages together. Participants are matched according to age,  gender, personality and interests. Meetings are held where pairs build a relationship through various activities such as arts, crafts, games and discussion. Project Friend Plus has a community service focus, and pairs work on service projects that benefit local human services agencies and organizations.

For details on the 2019-2020 season, click here:
Project Friend
Project Friend Plus

Here's what past participants and their parents have to say about Project Friend:

“Project Friend is an incredible program that fosters strong, long lasting friendships. My little friend brightened my life, taught me so much about the world, and helped me grow as a person. I love it.”

--Older Friend 

“This program has been great for my son. He has social anxiety and usually has a hard time in structured activities. Getting together with friends just to have fun was highly beneficial for him. His Big Friend is an excellent role model. Thanks!”

--Parent of Younger Friend

Project Friend & Project Friend Plus in Action!