There are many community resources available for people who need help in getting necessities for their families.  People in need should contact an agency in their town, if possible, to ensure that all their needs are met.  Listed here are some agencies to contact.

General Resources

  • Project Just Because: 508.435.6511
    This organization provides clothing and necessities to those in need from children through seniors.
  • Department of Transitional Assistance: 877.382.2363
    This is an agency which provides food stamps, cash benefits, Medicaid and Emergency Assistance to families and individuals who have little or no income.
  • SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council): 508.872.4853
    Non-profit multi-services center with numerous services and programs in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, child care/Head Start, crisis intervention, criminal justice and re-entry program, employment and adult education, energy and financial assistance, housing, and nutrition.
  • Framingham Family Resource Center: 508.270.1313
    This drop-in center offers information, referral sources, assessments, and a variety of programs, groups, and education for families. 
  • Behavioral Health Partners: 844.528.6800
    This agency helps families navigate a variety of different resources. They help match families with the best services for them and ensure that the important connections are made. BHP makes it easier for individuals, families, and health care providers to access a continuum of high quality behavior health and social services offer by partner agencies. BHP of MetroWest is a collaboration of Advocates, Spectrum Health Systems, SMOC, and Wayside Youth and Family Support Network.
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES): 800.640.5432
    Advocates PES team is always available to offer skilled, compassionate support and connections during difficult times. PES provides mobile crisis intervention 24 hours a day, every day; for adults and youth; at Advocates clinics, in homes and schools, and other community settings.


  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 508.752.9000
    Call for list of local and nearby meetings.
  • Addiction Referral Center: 508.485.4357
    AA Meetings and drop-in support for substance abusers.
  • Al-Anon and Alateen: 508.366.0556
    Call for list of meetings for family members of alcoholics.
  • Family First Intervention: 888.291.8514
    This is a program that helps addicts recover and bring normalcy to their lives. It also ensures that family members of an addict receive the help and support they need.
  • Prana Recovery Centers[email protected]
    Provides a revolutionary relapse prevention program for addicts that focuses on rewiring, resiliency and recovery.
  • Parents in Need: 844.784.8513
    A network of treatment centers that provides resources from detox to outpatient, alumni programs and family programs to help a family recover together.

Assistance for Seniors

  • Southborough Senior Center: 508.229.4453
    Offers an array of activities, classes, trips and events for every level of activity. Health screenings and consultations are available with a Registered Nurse. Outreach services are provided to seniors in need, and those who are vulnerable or isolated. A hot meal is served for lunch each weekday.
  • BayPath Elder Services: 508.573.7200
    Provides services to eligible seniors from 14 Metrowest communities. Services include: meal preparation, home health services, money management and more.

Domestic Violence

  • Voices Against Violence: 508.820.0834, 508.626.8686 (24-hour hotline)
    This agency is dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Services include a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, short-term counseling, support groups and police, medical and legal advocacy. Portuguese-and Spanish-speaking counselors are available during normal business hours.
  • Daybreak Resources for Women and Children: 508.755.5371, 508.755.9030 (24-hour hotline) 

Food Pantries

Health Care

  • Free Clinic: 508.757.5154
    St. Anne's Church, 130 Turnpike Rd. Shrewsbury
    Tuesdays 6-8pm
  • Health Connector: 877.623.6765
    Information and assistance in receiving health insurance through the state's universal coverage law. 

Legal Services


  • The Common Ground Resource Center: 508.620.2690
    This is the "hub" for the homeless and at-risk of becoming homeless in the Metrowest region. Co-located here are case managers, housing coordinators, housing specialists, employment specialists, mental health and substance abuse clinicians, outreach workers, domestic violence specialists and more. All shelter requests must go through the CGRC.

Services for Immigrants

  • Catholic Charities Worcester: 508.798.0191
  • Marlborough Community Services, Inc.: 508.481.4080
  • Metrowest Latin American Center: 508.857.6609


If the information you are looking for is not listed here, please contact our office for futher assistance.