Substance Abuse Prevention

We are working towards developing community programs related to substance abuse issues, are able to offer educational materials, and act as a resource for community networking and referrals. Our department provides services that engage members of the community with one another, allowing individuals to model and promote healthy behaviors.


The Northborough-Southborough Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (NSSAPC) is comprised of community members from both towns working together to reduce substance abuse and offer information for those needing substance abuse treatment. NSSAPC utilizes evidence-based strategies to promote healthy choices, educate the community, and foster resiliency for those in recovery. As a community, we believe it is our collective responsibility to take an active role in substance abuse prevention and be responsive and supportive to those struggling with addiction.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to join the coalition, please contact:

June David-Fors, DirectorSarah Cassell, Director
Northborough Family and Youth ServicesSouthborough Youth and Family Services
(508) 393-5020(508) 481-5676